What We Do

SPAN World is a HR Soft Skills Training, Psychometric Assessment, Personality Development, Organisational
Development & Consulting firm helping businesses achieve More with Less!

We offer customized soft skills training programs and behavioral skills training programs that suit the culture of
your company. We address training and operational gaps and stay committed to develop ‘people capabilities’
to enable individuals meet their Business Objectives and achieve Excellence in life too.
We have been leading transformation workshops in various MNC’s on varied topics like Communication skills
training, Negotiation skills training , Team building training, Customer Service Trainings, Leadership skills
training, Time Management Training, Stress Management Training, Mind Power workshop, Law of Attraction
workshop, Kaizen, 5S, Quality Circle workshops, Creativity and Innovation workshops, Employee Induction
trainings, Managerial Effectiveness Training, Personal effectiveness Training, Managerial Transitioning training,
Emotional Intelligence training workshops, Problem Solving and Decision making training, Corporate and
business etiquette training, Coaching and Mentoring Trainings, Process flow charting, Lean Management, GE
Workout amongst others.

Mission & Vision Statement

We champion individuals and organizations by using our unique teaching
perspective, customized packages and our belief in one’s inherent enormous potential! We are
ever committed to partner individuals who have an urge to grow personally, professionally and

Our vision is to be the most creative “People” Organization. We envision
creating enlightened individuals by providing an enriching experience at each touch point.

Our Training Programs are structured
to impact individual that enables to
excel in every sphere of life

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