Haven’t we heard many time phrases like “Calm down… don’t get upset over such a small issue” or “Its ok… don’t be so sad”
But the ever mounting challenge is HOW? To overcome such challenges seems like a lifelong process. Sometimes we even start associating it with our personality. For e.g.: He is always so stressed/He cannot handle stress…There are hundreds of  personality tests too which determine our Personality type, hence associating ourselves with the traits and types of that personality ; AND we start thinking “Oh Yeah, THAT’S THE REAL ME” OR “THAT’S HOW I AM”.
Something that we accept as REAL, our mind gets conditioned to reinforce it by a behavioral “confirmation” i.e. there’s a clear congruency between behavior and belief.We know all of this … Don’t we?
Daily I come across people struggling with emotions/attitude like Pride, Greed, Envy, Wrath/Anger, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth (this set of behaviors is extracted from the Indian scriptures the Shat Ripus: Kama,Krodh, Loba, Ahankara, Matsarya, Moha,Tamasa and the English version from  Enneagram)Fortunately there is hope because your personality is NOT the REAL you. These are all ‘Learnt’ behaviors hence I label them as FAKE or Unreal or Unnatural. These I term them as “The Fake-Negatives”
“These Fake Negatives” need to be unlearnt (which is the most difficult part all of us struggle with).What would you replace them with? Obviously “Fake- Positives” cause even these are not real, they are all learnt. Fake positives are better than the “Fake Negatives” as they makes our relationships thrive and the universe a better place to breathe! I am going to share a quick tip here:1.       At a thought level: Be Aware of your thought( the Fake negatives)2.       At the energy level: Give a 5 second gap( Seek divine light with the below stated affirmation)3.       At the Action level: Do the opposite of what you would otherwise do (replace with  “The Fake- positives”)

Vices5 second gapAffirmCorrections to the vices
Mada/Ahankara:Pride: VainI conquer my pride with humility as my powers are borrowed from all. I humbly  move towards the path of onenessSeek forgiveness, Do a oneness meditation, consciously use kind words
Lobh: Avarice/Greed: HoardingI am secure and capable of spreading love and harmony.Do some charity work, Learn the “Joys of giving”
Matsarya: Envy: GossipingI succeed for myself and not for othersSeek inspiration for what you envy, have faith in self, avoid comparisons
Krodh: Wrath/Anger: TemperI overcome my anger for myself and not for othersAccept unfairness, don’t seek perfection, and accept people as they are. “Say “Om” and stay calm”
Kama: Lust: Excessive driveI am loved, I  am capable, I am safe and secureSeek balance in life, seek moderation, learn the art of self-discipline , surround oneself with spiritual souls, have a purpose in life in harmony with the universe
Moha: Gluttony: TemptationI am capable/My mind is activeLearn the art of self-control, discipline the mind
Tamasa: Sloth: InactiveWith my life energy fully awakened, I receive more freedom, openness and abundanceConsciously be active, enroll for art, dance, sports, Look at the positive aspects the day has to offer, take one day at a time( live in a 24 hour compartment)

You can also use various Mudras like Prana, Anjali, Akasha, Lotus appropriate to the thought along with the affirmations.Nothing is REAL. There is no real you, no real me. Nothing can define us as we are constantly changing. There is only Swadhaya- constantly checking oneself, challenging and changing- that’s when we move towards Nirvritti i.e. growth or development
The physical evolution of humans is complete, the vertebrae can’t get better…there is nothing more to it… Now is the time for the evolution of the mind. It’s got a long way to go!P.S. It’s not necessary to do any of the above—“Transformation is a choice- Not a compulsion”- Sulochana Amin
Sulochana Amin
Corporate Trainer
Industrial Psychologist
NLP Master Practitioner
Past Life Regression Therapist

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