Longing for happiness in itself is a miserable situation to be in.

Think about it based on your age

– 10 years ago you longed for it and today the longing is still intact.

-20 years ago …..

-30 years ago…

Every moment you stop longing for it and starts living it will be the sweetest moments of your life!

These four quadrants might be able to give you more insight. The idea is to move from quadrant 1 to quadrant 4.That in itself could be “purpose of life” for many!

Quadrant 1: These type of individuals actually thrive on problems and issues. As they might have gone through a lot of struggle in their childhood , all they want is “challenge” to feel worthy!

Quadrant 2: These type of individuals realize that life comes with its ups and downs. They feel miserable at times but know how to bounce back. These are optimistic individuals who suffer but also enjoy life. Maximum number of population will fall in this category.  “Well dressed :  happy sometimes and depressed sometimes!”

Quadrant 3: These type of individuals have progressed and they realize that happiness and misery is a choice. They understand that there is no individual who “has it all”. Ups and downs are part of life.  Every day they can choose to magnify happiness over misery – The choice is theirs and so will be the consequence.

They make conscious choice to be happy and a conscious choice to accept misery and take it in their stride.

When you accept misery, it does not remain misery anymore. It’s now an action item to be solved or to be overlooked or to move on)- Healers, therapists, winners ( people with winners script-TA* term) fall under this category.

Quadrant 4: These type of individuals enjoy the moment of happiness as well as misery, but do not stay there. Being joyous is their nature. They follow detachment at will.-

Who will qualify for this category? The first thought that might come to your mind is an enlightened being or a “guru” however, that’s not  the case.  Anyone who wish to be in this category, can be !

Close your eyes and say to yourself 7 times: “I choose to detach from my attachment (Think of a particular attachment -people/things/situations/emotions)  at my Will”. Give yourself a “Happy New Day” everyday!

*Transactional Analysis

-Sulochana Amin

Corporate Trainer, Psychotherapist, Visiting Faculty- HR

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