In today’s corporate world‚ it is recognized that experiential learning adds more value to classroom learning for ability to solve a lot of issues that cannot even be raised in classroom situations.

Experiential learning gets the free inner child out in an individual which helps them explore themselves, gives insight and understanding. It helps enhance personal and group thresholds.

  • Teamwork,
  • Taming your fears in a safe environment, 
  • Pushing your own potential a little further,
  • Decision making, 
  • Trusting, 
  • Leadership, 
  • Camaraderie, 
  • Instilling organizational core values 

The outbound programs are hands-on, engaging, fun, exciting, and use adult learning methodology.

Experienced trainers, facilitators from functions of Training and Development, Behavioral Training, Human Resources and Experiential Education. 

Our trainings focus on enhancing human potential at individual, team and organizational levels.​

We offer training in 2 broad categories:
1) Recreational – Focus is on having fun and feel-good factor. Usually lasts for a day.

2) Developmental/Transformational – Focus is on learning and knowledge to bring a change in perceptions, habits and behaviors. Usually lasts for 1 , 2 or 3 days. Engaging and real life activities are performed followed by in- depth discussion and debriefing. We follow established training practices with a focus on the core values and ethics in training. 

Helps a Team in:

  • Understanding each other better
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Motivating team members by linking to their individual motivators.
  • Improving team performance 
  • Building common vision, values and team spirit.
  • Increased collaboration, innovation and productivity.
  • Learning the art of authentic  communication, developing team  goals and strategies for improving performace and achieving results, building trust, giving and receiving feedback.

Helps an individual in: 

  • Relationship building, earning trust, respect and leading by example.
  • Aligning goals of organization, team and individuals.
  • Personal development 
  • Developing self-confidence, positive attitude, motivation.
  • Reaching peak performance levels.
  • Understanding about courage, fears, risk taking, fighting new challenges.
  • Identifying one’s key triggers 
  • Overcoming conflict, open communication. 
  • Managing time, anger and stress.

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