Glowworms, a disparate nomenclature for a disparate collection of insects (none are actual worms) glow via a variety of different methods, but all emit light via bioluminescence.
In addition, glowworm bioluminescent organs vary widely in size, location and structure, indicating that the different species’ glowing abilities evolved independently of one another.

Things that glow in the dark can be extremely mysterious and fascinating!

Why would a living thing want or need to create light? 
The reasons can be varied for varied species from survival instincts for insects to self-actualization for the evolved ones! The basic thought is to “Use it or lose it”!
We all have a light within us which needs to be evoked and kindled unlike the worms. With practice we make it stronger. Why not create a glowworm effect to lighten up our planet? Let’s devote a time to invoke this light as we vibrate in the energy of this small invocation:

A tiny Buddha that i am,

Change my universe? yes i can!

I am peace, i am beautiful,

My small effort, am sure makes this world wonderful,

I am love, i am forgiveness, yes, i sprinkle some of my kindness,


I am the tiny light, i am the healing healer, happily spreading my little flow,
enlightened a little , i have learnt to stand strong to every blow!

I am the glow, i am the glow!

A beaker of love and light i am, generously spilling ,that i can!

Love and light and a rainbow to every seeker,

Yes, i am the seeker and i am the  beaker!

 I am a Corporate Behaviour Modification facilitator, Psychologist, Psychotherapist. Reach me at: [email protected]

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