When one enters into a relationship, the only intent is Happiness.

While courting, the best of behaviors are displayed and the imperfections of the partner are overlooked. What happens when commitment creeps in? When two individuals decide to sign the dotted line or when they start living in together?-
Can you hear yourself saying? -That’s a complete different story in itself !!!!

The worst behaviors gets the maximum mileage,
The bitter experiences are replayed over and over again…

So what went wrong and where?

I am going to touch upon one of the aspects amongst others, that leads to such situations and that’s-
Yes you heard me correct- Your profession!

We spend more than half our lifetime at workplace and the behaviours that are needed to be exhibited there are unconsciously carried onto our hearth and home.

For instance, having learnt psychology, my job of analyzing behaviours sometimes leads to “overanalysing” and ‘information overload’ for others. I am not empathetic enough to understand that everyone at home haven’t been conditioned the way I am. Keeping my trap shut at times, really helps! lol! Description:🙂😄
Look back into your profession and am sure you will get some enlightenment as I did!

At workplace, “professional” behaviours are needed and appreciated however when we carry it back home, it won’t work as HOME needs a different set of behavior altogether.

Generally at work, display of emotions is discouraged as managers think that it eats away the actual work time. Hence, an individual is left with no choice but to dig their heads into the computer and ‘pretend’ to be working.

A true manager who values both – relationships and task will be able to identify such behavioral anomalies and provide corrective action.

Imagine a work culture where humans are treated as “humans” and their emotions are channelized in the right direction!
People leave the organization not because of work pressures or stress,
They leave because how they “feel” about their work and the workplace!

Create a loving organization culture. It costs nothing BUT benefits are priceless!

You are infact, creating a legacy! And btw, you have very very little competition in this space Description:🙂

Do not confuse “Loving” with “Indiscipline”- Continue doing what you do, but add a little bit of your heart into it!- AND you will end up carrying the same culture back home!

Sulochana Amin
Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Visiting Faculty B Schools-HR

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