Kindness is not FREE!

Nor are compassion, love, humility, courage amongst others.

Logically speaking, anything that’s free ‘in oneself” should be freely flowing “out of oneself” isn’t it?

So all the goodness stored in us is stuck between the huge boulders of vices such as ego, pride, anger and other stoppers!

A couple of challenges in this process

Challenge #1: I can be kind and loving to 99% of the people, but there are some of them I cannot be kind to, as I cannot get along with them?

Answer : consciously ‘be kind’ to them(physically or mentally)- These are the people who will help you move your boulders!

AND, be kind for NO REASON!  – the question  ‘Why should I?” is a huge stopper!

Challenge #2: I have been abused / criticized and I keep being abused by them. How can I be kind to them?

Answer: You can keep your distance with them, but being kind, loving and nonjudgmental towards them ( in your thoughts) is the key!

A free flowing tap, flows freely for all–irrespective of who it is!

So, would you want to experiment with yourself? Would you want your kindness and love to freely flow through you? Try the below 2 minute activity:

 (TIY) Try it yourself:

1.      Test check if you can be kind to yourself?

a.      Stand in front of a mirror, if you are at work or do not have access to a mirror, then a blank computer screen, or a mobile will help too!

Look into your eyes and say to yourself with a smile “ I love you”-  10 times. (many find it difficult, awkward, embarrassing, silly, funny, useless etc.. These are your defense mechanism at play)

b.     Identify your feelings-If you feel good then go ahead, if not, then keep repeating till you feel comfortable with what you say and then proceed to point c.

c.      Look at your features: your eyes, colour of your eyes, eyelashes( upper as well as lower), eyebrows ,nose, mouth, the corners of your mouth, cheeks, face cut, colour of your skin, hair, forehead and keep saying “ I love you’ to every part of your feature.

(For some, this activity will be a little uncomfortable, but as days go by, you will start to enjoy this shift that’s happening in you).

Just do this for the new few weeks or a couple of months and you will find yourself in a different dimension of maturity!

So final words: NONE of the virtues come FREE: People have worked really effeciently and effectively on themselves (to shift that virtue from a conscious level to an unconscious one) to reach to that level of maturity.

For some it’s an inheritance: A legacy left behind by their nurturers whereas some have embarked on the journey with a purpose of creating a legacy for their descendants.

So, next time when someone is kind/loving/considerate etc.. towards you for no reason: Remember: These are “refined” humans who have worked on themselves to reach that dimension of maturity! Its a blessing to have such refined souls as a part of our journey!

#backtobasics#not a motivational article but a practical reality & necessity#

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