I am freelance entrepreneur into corporate trainings and psychotherapy proposing collaboration with like-minded people which will be mutually beneficial for us.If you are passionate about transforming individuals to unleash their innate potential as well as yours then, let’s get talking!
Looking for trainers/ business development experts on a profit sharing basis.On a lookout for potential clients too!
A quick update about myself:I moved away from my cushy job as an Assistant Vice President- Change Management (transforming processes) to pursue my passion of transforming people. I bring along  work ethics like sincerity, transparency, domain expertise, building and maintaining cordial relationships ,an optimistic attitude and I take responsibility for my actions. I believe that every problem has an embedded solution which needs to be unearthed.In my initial years, I worked on CRM, lean six sigma, quality circle,5S projects, BPMN and later on levitated towards psychology and psychotherapy. I am a corporate trainer, psychometric assessor, a clinical hypnotherapist and a master NLP practitioner currently pursuing transactional analysis. The reason for venturing into all the stated fields of psychology is ‘cause I strongly believe in holistic value additional and transformation rather than providing just about “lip service”. I am an optimistic seeker, an adventurer traversing the deep recesses and dynamics of the human mind for helping individuals lead a happy and stress free life.My mother is a gifted healer and somewhere I would like to believe that there has been some divine intervention to have been born to such a blessed soul.When I am not training or teaching or learning, I get into a psychotherapy session. My favourite (so far) type of people have been kids and teenagers as they are curious, non-judgmental, open to new ways of healing to enhance their skills, and above all: Are ready to feel “happy” once more.That’s about me. I have been as transparent as possible and I have my ex- colleagues as well as my ex- bosses on this platform too. :-)To know more you may check my blogsite and if you feel we can work together , please send a message in my inbox.Cheers to a good life!

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