Freedom ,Liberation, Release does not come with a cost… It’s supposedly FREE!!
Very few people think of going into this direction as it seems to be a unfathomable task…. the inner voice says ” Moksha… for me? Seriously? .. am still struggling with my bread and butter… market conditions are very coarse”. Moksha seems like an uphill task and the beauty is that , the end does not seem anywhere….The word “Moksha” sounds scary  and unattainable by us  mere mortals… However, that’s not true.

The word moksha in  Sanskrit sutra means freedom, liberation, or release.

Release your unwanted /obsolete behaviour patterns for something better.
Today on this day of eclipse use the strong energy of the full moon to take a step towards liberation! 
                                                     MOKSHA is free for all!
1.Refrain from Negativity-Consciously!Make an attempt at least!2.Think Positive- Yes…Make an attempt!3.Meditate- If you do not have 10 minutes to be with yourself…wonder who will have time for you?4. Set your goals today and achieve at least one actionable of your goal on a daily basis.5.Send good energies to others-It helps!

Sulochana AminCorporate TrainerIndustrial PsychologistPsychotherapistNLP Master PractitionerPast Life Regression Therapist

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