Sipping a cup of coffee to beat the workplace air conditioner on a chilly December winter morning, I admired the warmth of the sun spread over the barren hills skirting around 8-9 blue paned corporate buildings from my office window.The hills took me back to my kindergarten where Jack and Jill were a part of me. The poem was an all time favorite- A smile spread across my lips as I went back to my desk a little indulged in reminiscence on those sweet memories.But now as I look back, I wonder why the poem was written at all! Probably the rhyming was perfect and that was the only motive but was that all for a five-year-old? .Probably Not..Let’s swing back to the good old days……From the lenses of a five year old: 

Beyond rhyming, it probably taught a few more unstated lessons which were carried from the formative days into adulthood:·         Do not venture out on your own in unknown areas: Hills were unknown to Jack and Jill.·         Jill being inexperienced  followed Jack and tumbled down·         Fright: Frightening facial expressions·         Never ever climb the hill again: Broke his crown was enough to scare!
As adults we unknowingly and unfortunately  carry all the lessons learnt from our formative days and they rule us for the rest of our lives until we decide to change them.Think about it:·         Where did we pick up our ‘fear of the unknown”? – Experienced this as one of the highest during my psychotherapy practicing days.·         Where did we pick the  fear of  failure?- Another commonest one.·         Where did we pick up despising imperfection?Do you have the answers? Explore the little Jack and Jill in you. There are plenty of them waiting to be understood.And believe me, —A poem can do this to – Arachnophobia today is  on the top most list of phobias- Remember the poem— Little Miss Muffet?So, to set things straight, I have recreated the Jack and Jill for you and me. Let’s sing along whenever in life we  feel a little low or need a little push. A lil pep is always welcome 

Jack and Jill went up the hillTo fetch a pail of waterJack fell down, but didn’t let downWhich fuelled his grit thereafter!
Hurray!!    Jill was thrilled, that she learnt a skill:“Tumbling down was part o’  gamebut,Staying down was such a shame!”
Get going………………recreate your story.
P.S: These are my personal views, not based on any research

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