Great personalities that come to our mind when we think of the word courage: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Shahid Bhaghat Singh, Nelson Mandela, Narendra Modi, Steve jobs, Walt Disney and the likes.
What does courage mean to us?

  • Mental Ability
  • Brave
  • Ability to face danger
  • Take risks
  • Go beyond conventional thinking.
  • No fear

When we tell ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone, we usually tell ourselves ‘don’t fear.. Go ahead.. U can do it!”
This talk is good if you have to achieve something ordinary. But for extraordinary stuff you have to take help of your fear. First and foremost you have to realize that fear is one of the seed of courage. One would not know what courage is, if one did not know what it is to feel ‘fear”. The other seed of courage is ‘passion’, and we will talk about it sometime later in another write up. So let’s refocus ourselves to “fear”
We all have our fears: fear of failure, fear of being ridiculed, insecurity. If we did not have these fears, we would not have pushed ourselves to achieve what we have achieved today.
Listen to your fears. Do not avoid it. When you avoid your fear, you avoid doing that activity. If you listen to it closely, you realize that it actually is your best ally. It actually cautions you. It tries to prevent you from being reckless.
Your fears need a hearing. It shows up itself every time as an excuse, a defense mechanism, an argument, withdrawal, confrontations etc.
Learn to have conversations with your fears. First and foremost, check out the reasons your fears give you. Sit down and talk to your fears. Once your fear has spoken to you, ask yourself some basic questions:
1The task that I am going to undertake, is it good for me?

  1. Is it good for my family/partner?
  2. Is it good for the society in general?

If all the three questions have an answer as “yes” then go ahead and carry on your conversation with it.
It’s not a onetime activity. It’s a process. Just like you talking to a child. Try and convince your fear that you have everything in you to do that task .Your fear will try to convince you that you do not have. Take help from others to convince your fears. Do what you can to convince it. It will slowly start opening up to you. It will tell you of all the scars it has, all the dungeons it has perceived for you. Convince your fears that all of the stories it has seen for you are not true. Encourage your fears to shed off its nightmares and one fine day you will realize as you take your first step to work on that “fearful” task that your fear has transformed itself into courage.
That’s what all courageous men and women are made of! Full of butterflies in their stomachs. They have learnt to pick each one of them and set them free!
Next time, a tiny butterfly starts fluttering inside you; know that you are on your path of growth!
Pick it up! One of it is already waiting to be set free!

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